Project Based Services


Please call to inquire about any services you don't see listed.

Social security setup - $249/person

Confused about when and how to apply for Social Security Benefits?  We're here to help.  This service includes determining when it is best to start drawing on social security, help determining if you should draw on your own account or someone else's and help signing up for social security. 


529 setup - $249/child + $99/additional child

Are you ready to start saving for college or need a review of your current 529?  Did you know that in ND you are eligible for a state tax deduction and various grants only if you use ND's CollegeSAVE program.  If you income is too high for these grants, we will review and setup a 529 in the state that best fits your needs.  We will factor in expense ratios and administrative costs to be certain that your money has the best possible chance to grow. 


SIMPLE IRA Plan setup - $250/plan + $100/employee

If you are a small business owner looking to set up a SIMPLE IRA, this service is made just for you.  We will help you determine a custodian, pick mutual funds and set you up for success.


Roth IRA Conversion Guidance $350+/person

There are significant savings available to those that are willing to convert to a Roth IRA.  Understanding the tax implications and the basket rules is no easy feat.  This service is for those that are looking to convert their IRA accounts to a Roth IRA in order to make the growth and withdrawals tax free in the future.